Sunday, September 7, 2014

Senior Pictures

I've been asked to do my grandson's senior pictures.  My little grandson is a high school senior?  When did that happen?

Seems just yesterday Grandma's pride and joy made his debut in April of 1997 -

So many fabulous days together....
Too cute!
in grandma's backyard

Always best buddies with Bismark - 

Never too much interested in soccer....

A day alone with grandpa!


Very first mushroom trip with grandpa and grandma
(and he got the most!)

So handsome

Well, most of the time.

Mushrooming again - and again got the most!

Hanging with the old folks at OMSI

Loved the vandergraff generator!

He was chosen from the crowd to be the
one to dodge the paint bullets - and
see how fast he was - Amazing!

And now, a grown young man
and still grandma's pride and joy.

Can I do these portraits without tears?
I am so very proud of this young man!

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