Friday, December 12, 2014

Waiting for Snow

We don't get snow here in the Willamette Valley very often - especially in the area I live in (often referred to as the banana belt).

 Oh it gets cold enough, but there never seems to be any moisture when it's cold.  But every now and then......

Here are some winters past!









  1. Enjoyed your photography very much. If I were choosing one as art in my home? I would be torn between between the ice crystals and the wheel barrow. I'd probably go with the wheel barrow because despite the grey the picture is hopeful to me. It makes me think of a line of poetry about Spring not being far behind the winter winds.Visiting from Welcome to the Weekend.

  2. I love the wheel barrow, it brought me to this post from another Linky.
    ::||::||::Merry Christmas::||::||::
    Oh My Heartsie Girl~Karren


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