Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow Day!

I spent the most wonderful day in the snow yesterday with my brother and sister - both of whom are photographers.  We drove to Hoodoo ski area, stopped to view Mt. Washington, and then through Bend to Mt. Bachelor.  On the way home, the sky provided a picturesque view of the sunset - a perfect close to a perfect day!  

I am fortunate to have amazing and creative siblings to share a day like this with!

On the Road
Just drivin' by

Three Fingered Jack


My Sister
My Brother
Hoodoo area

Hoodoo Ski area

Mt. Washington view point


the Three Sisters
Mt. Bachelor Ski area

Parasailor over Mt. Bachelor

Just a cool dog we saw


Mt. Bachelor Ski area

Mt. Bachelor Ski area

Driving toward Sisters from Bend - I think this is Mt. Hood

The sun beginning to set

sunset while driving

I liked the ethereal look of this one

Need I say anything?

The glory of Mother Nature

 Ah, what a day.

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